What we do

Everything is aimed at reducing the stress and trauma of heart problems. If you are a heart patient or are caring for one, we may be able to help. We have all been through this.

We are affiliated to the British Heart Foundation, and support their work on education, training and providing equipment where appropriate. Within this context we are self supporting and rely entirely on donations and subscriptions to survive.

Our objectives include:

  • Establishing and maintaining contact with people who have heart problems
  • Offering both the patients and their relatives mutual help and support to achieve a realistic lifestyle
  • Providing a listening ear for both the patient and carer

Social interactions in all activities of the Group are an essential component of the rehabilitation process, especially in restoring self confidence after trauma. The members of the Cardiac Support Group are ideally qualified to aid in the rehabilitation process as they all have experienced the pain, fear, uncertainty and trauma that the patient goes through, and the fear and dread that the immediate family suffer.

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